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Sexy Secular Conference 2 (SSC2), Bringing Sexy Back

Conference Details

Hosted by The Secular Student Alliance at The University of Akron
Saturday Oct. 18th 8am – 7:00pm
Cost: Free!
Parking: Free. Any parking spot you find. Just not handicap, meter, fire lane, etc. 

In Conjunction With:
Secular Student Alliance (SSA)
Liberation in Progress (LIP)

The University of Akron
Student Union Theater Rm. 210
Seats: 323

Theme: Sex-Positivism
Topics: Sociology of Sexuality, Secular Sexuality, Sex Education, LGBTQ Issues, Women’s Issues, Black Issues, Islamic Issues, Ethics/Morality, and Psychology

400090_3022383439808_1693112065_nThe Sexy Secular Conference plans to reach out to the greater Akron community in reconsidering norms, understanding diversity, sexuality, and personal rights. The University of Akron’s curriculum has a large focus on the promotion of diversity and women’s rights and our campus has a very active LGBTQ community. The first major goal of the Secular Student Alliance at UA is to create a conference that will let the community know that there is an atheist group on campus and that we are growing. We want to target many of the issues that some religions define as wrong, including sexuality, LGBTQ issues, and women’s issues. And hey, sex sells! We also feel that the community will need some background on secularism to start with as we move into such taboo areas. Beyond reconsidering norms and promoting secularism to the UA Community, The Sexy Secular Conference is a conference that will dispel many of the myths and issues that are still lingering in the minds and lives of secular individuals. Darrel Ray’s book, Sex & God, discusses this issue in great depth. Even though many Atheists think they have it all figured out, remnants of improper sex education, sexual repression, guilt, homophobia, and incoherent morals, still linger. Many atheists are often confused on what is right, wrong, and natural. The Sexy Secular Conference plans to eliminate these issues! This is the second goal of The Sexy Secular Conference- to help individuals become comfortable with their atheism, come out as atheists, come to terms with their sexuality, and to release the guilt that many atheists have never gotten rid of in the first place.
-Craig Bauman, Akron Secular Student Alliance Treasure/Conference Coordinator

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