Harassment Policy

The Sexy Secular Conference is a conference that will cover many taboo areas and in light of these taboos we expect our attendees to be mature about our topics. The Sexy Secular conference is not promoting an unsafe culture but a culture that is safe, fun, and mutual. We are promoting scientific and sex-positive sex education, women’s rights, diversity, LGBT rights, and overall safety and maturity. Below are the policies that we WILL uphold at the conference and we expect all of our attendees to do the same.

We will not hesitate to have individuals removed who violate any of our policies, even at the first offense. We will enforce a zero tolerance policy as the Sexy Secular Conference wishes to make individual safety a priority.

Police officers will be present.

We will also have SSA staff, volunteers, and university staff throughout the building. If you have any issues please contact a staff member, police officer, or visit the information center outside of the conference for help.


The University of Akron Harassment Policy:

The University of Akron Student Code of Conduct:

Secular Student Alliance Harassment Policy:

Making the Sexy Secular Conference Welcoming to Everyone

Everyone at the Secular Student Alliance is committed to making The Sexy Secular Conference a welcoming place for all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, creed, worldview, disability, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We want to make sure that all attendees feel safe throughout the event. We will take any reports of harassment or other inappropriate activity seriously.

We consider harassment to be continued unwanted behavior directed toward another person. We hope it is obvious that you should not disparage your fellow conference goers on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, creed, worldview, disability, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We further hope it is obvious that you should not make uninvited sexual comments toward anyone. If someone asks you to leave them alone or to otherwise stop a behavior that is directed toward them, comply with that person’s wishes immediately. Racial, homophobic, sexist slurs or any other comments that promote discrimination will not be tolerated. Comments which promote sexual violence or violence of any kind will not be tolerated. These include statements that promote rape, pedophilia, sexual harassment, other forms of unwanted sexual conduct, or statements which promote violence against women, racial or ethnic groups, the LGBTQ community, or other forms of violence.

If you are being harassed, please contact a Sexy Secular Conference staff member, or conference volunteer. There will also be university police officers present who you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to speak with. If you notice someone else is being harassed, or just seems uncomfortable, feel free to bring it to the attention of a police officers, Sexy Secular staff member or volunteer. If you are worried about your physical safety, exit the situation as soon as possible and call 911. Please let staff know what happened once you are safe.

All incidents of violence, physical intimidation, and unwanted intentional physical contact will result in immediate expulsion from the Sexy Secular Conference. People who harass others or cause multiple complaints of disrespectful behavior may be required to leave. Sexy Secular Conference staff members are happy to help participants contact local law enforcement, and otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe at our conference.

Sexy Secular Conference staff or volunteers can be found at the SSA at UA table during the hours of scheduled events for the conference and police officers will be posted near the exits of the conference. There is also an information desk outside of the conference that will be available if you have questions pertaining to the University, directions around campus, or policies.

In addition to communicating with Sexy Secular Conference staff and volunteers, please look out for each other. Don’t leave people alone with others who are clearly bothering them. Make sure you are setting a good example. If you sense a situation is unsafe, please report it immediately.

Let’s make the Sexy Secular Conference fun for everyone!