SSA Logo with larger gradient

The Secular Student Alliance
The University of Akron, OH
Organizer, Vendor, Marketing

Craig Bauman, Treasure/Conference Cordinator                      
Austin Morgan, Akron SSA President
Brock Barber, Vice President
Rob Frase, Secratary
Liberation in Progress (LIP)
The University of Akron, OH
Organizer, Vendor, Marketing



 Rob Lehr, Videographer
Robert “The Icepick” Lehr is an award-winning videographer and respected speaker and activist. While best known for his work on Give A Damn? and cameraman behind the official releases of the the annual Skepticon conferences, The Icepick’s creative genius has inarguably been best expressed in his creation of Thunderdome and Thunder Ranch, two of the world’s most impressive absurdest NERF Wars courses. He isn’t super gay, but keep buying him drinks and see what happens.

Rob’s Other Work:
Give a Damn?


3 thoughts on “Organizers

  1. Looks like a great conf! Would love to send you some books as a donation. Secular Woman table sold a bunch at WiSC2 last week. “An Infidel Body-Snatcher and the Fruits of His Philosophy” ( Dr. Charles Knowlton thought he was dying as a young man, because of wet dreams & masturbation. He recovered, and wrote America’s first birth control book (& was jailed for it in 1833). Might fit your theme.

    Best of luck,
    Dan Allosso

  2. UnHoly Crap, I just heard about this on the Thinking Atheist podcast (hearing my area code pop up on that show when I’m not the one calling always perks my ears up), and I am sold. Definitely going to be there!

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