Friday, October 17th
6:30pm Communion of Reason: The Lockview

Saturday, October 18th

7:00am Doors open: Vendors Tables, and Set Up
7:45 Opening Statements: Craig Bauman, Conference Coordinator
8:00 Cory and Bridget O’Hanlon: Approaching 30 and Looking Back 
            –   “Sex-positivism, a result of changing religious perspectives”
9:00 Heina Dadabhoy: Queerness and Islam: A Longer History Than You Think
10:00 Eddie: A Gay Porn Star’s Life
11:00 Break, 1 hour 30 min

12:30 Dr. Darrel Ray: Sexy Evolution: What the Pope Does Not Know About Sexuality
1:30pm Susan Porter:  Being Poly and Secular (and a parent.)
2:30 David Fitzgerald:
“The Complete Heretic’s Guide to the Mormons: Special Sexy Edition”
3:30 Lunch Break, 1 hour 30 min

4:40 Brock Barber, SSA Vice President Student speech
5:00 Lea Grover: “SupperMommy” Sex Positive Parenting
6:00 Tommy Nugent: The Road to Enlightenment
6:55 Closing Statements:  Craig Bauman, Akron SSA Conference Cordinator/Treasurer

Note: Following the conference ZPN will show the film “Jesus Camp”. Some may stay for the film and others may choose to go directly to dinner, at Barely House! There is no official reservation, everyone is welcome.


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