Vendor Table: $50

This student organization is a registered student organization of The University of Akron. Registration shall not be construed as approval, endorsement, or sponsorship by The University of Akron of the student organization’s publications, activities, purposes, actions, or positions.

Current Vendors:
Center For Inquiry

SSA logo FB profile pic
Secular Student Alliance (National)
Educational Non-Profit

Zip’s Programming Network
U of Akron Event Planners

Final Tattoo Full
The Secular Student Alliance
The University of Akron, OH

Liberation in Progress (LIP)
The University of Akron, OH

CFI Northeast Ohio

Secular Women

Cleveland Freethinkers Cleveland, OH

Northern Ohio Freethought Society
FFrF Chapter, Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Skeptics
Cleveland, Ohio

the athiests next door
The Atheists Next Door
Cleveland, Ohio

poly columbusBeyond the Love

PolyColumbus / Beyond the Love
Columbus, Ohio


Sumit health
STD/HIV testing Summit County Public Health


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